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Archangel Michael, Protector.

His voice is the loudest for humans, and when we call him, he will protect us from any harm. He will disconnect those unfavorable connections to ensure that we have the courage to walk on the right path in life.

When you need to be protected from negative energy, summon the archangel Michael, who often appears in the image of holding a blue holy light sword, cutting off all the dark energy that can harm you. When you call him to protect you and even your property, you can meditate on a white holy light surrounding the object of protection. Archangel Michael is guarding the object with love. You can also imagine a blue halo surrounding your body.

Weight: 400G

SIZE: 17.5*25cm

  • 1.Avoid contact with acid and alkali and corrosive substances. 

    2.Please avoid the collision, so as to avoid scratches on the surface. 

    3.Please avoid perfumes, body lotions, hairspray, or other chemicals that can damage the shine of the metal. 

    4.Please avoid wearing it when you sweat a lot, shower or sleep, etc. 

    5.Wiping the clean surface with a soft cloth every day and putting it in the box would be better. 

    6.Keep away from chemicals, high temperature, bath, water, crash to avoid any damage, please treat it carefully. 

    7.Store your product separately in a sealed box or sealed bag to avoid oxidation. 

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